• Leadership If you choose to lead rather than be led,
    you create a legacy of purpose in your life
    beyond words or actions... if you lead with passion.

    This passion to lead is transformational and transparent
    and awakens the leadership gene lying dormant
    in every future leader.

    Will you make the choice to lead or not?

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Leadership Books
by John DiCicco

Whether you are born a leader or trained to be a leader, you can choose to lead or not to lead. If you choose to lead rather than be led, you create a legacy of purpose in your life beyond words or actions if you lead with passion. Having the ability to choose leadership rather than to be forced into it not only inspires the leader but also the followers. This passion to lead is transformational and transparent and awakens the leadership gene lying dormant in every future leader. Will you make the choice to lead or not if given the opportunity?

The Leadership Gene

This passion to lead awakens the leadership gene lying dormant in every future leader.

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Leadership Is A Choice

Whether you are born a leader or trained to be a leader, you can choose to lead or not to lead.

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Speaking Engagements
and Training

John DiCicco has taught leadership for over sixteen years in private practice as the president and founder of Organizational Analysis Systems, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in training middle level managers and supervisors to improve their leadership skills as well as help them learn how to solve challenging problems in the workplace.
John and his associates predominately consulted in healthcare plus serviced many other industries including service organizations such as banking, automotive, retail, hospitality and fast food chains and franchises. John and his associates have conducted leadership training seminars to McDonalds Corporation as well as provided leadership training to sales professionals at Reebok Corporation based on his book, Leadership is a Choice.
From 2007 to 2014, Dr. DiCicco has held the position of the Chair of the School of Business for the University of Phoenix, Boston Campus. He has provided leadership training to over 60 faculty members and four area chairs within his college with proven success.
Finally, returning to the classroom to continue his passion for teaching Leadership for over thirty years, Dr. DiCicco wants to share his knowledge and experiences in Corporate America and educational institutions of higher learning through speaking engagements and also by offering leadership training to those organizations that are in need of that training. The training and speaking engagements are based on the books written by DiCicco, Leadership is a Choice and The Leadership Gene. Speaking engagements and training are booked based on need and availability.


Nurturing Love Through The Silence

Living With Alzheimer's

No words in the universe can describe the isolation and alienation from shared life experiences with a loved one when Alzheimer’s strikes. The disease robs the victim and the victim’s family of the healthy relationships once shared before the disease struck the victim. Once the diagnosis is made confirming Alzheimer’s to the victim, the pain, suffering and loss to the victim and all within the victim’s circle of relatives and friends ensues.

If your faith is strong and you believe that the energies in the universe that connect all humanity and God’s creatures are one, you can begin to cope and understand the meaning of your own mortality as you awaken to a new definition of what it means to share unconditional love. This book takes you on my journey with the disease from the time my dad was diagnosed until the day he passed, May 3, 2010.

Take this journey with me and renew your faith and know the meaning of unconditional love, the energy in the universe that connects us all.

Currently being republished. Please check back soon for availability.

This book is about Hope!

Though more and more families are facing a loved one's diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, the process of coping with this changing lifestyle is no easier. In a real-life exploration of what it means to love someone unconditionally, John DiCicco writes about caring for his father in the last few years of his life. At times John, like many others, feared the disease and the ways it changed his life and his father's. Through this journey of nurturing and loving, John came to see that he could accept and embrace human frailty in a way that glorifies the soul. In Nurturing Love through the Silence, friends and family of those with Alzheimer's can see the clear path of spiritual growth in this season of life, and through the silence, they can all be comforted. Alzheimer's robs people of their memories, their ability to communicate with loved ones and friends, and their ability to recognize their own image; it takes away our very soul. It is the cruelest of all diseases. John has experienced what you are going through; all the guilt, frustration, anger and hopelessness which makes this book an invaluable guide for you to follow.
Kenneth E. Strong, Jr., CEO, Alzheimer's Association of Central Ohio, Upper Arlington, Ohio

Speaking Engagements

John DiCicco has written this book to help those victims and families who have received a diagnosis that Alzheimer’s has been confirmed. John has spoken to The Veteran’s Administration in Boston, West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain VA hospital facilities as well as church community meeting to discuss his book and explain how he coped with his dad’s Alzheimer’s through his last day when he was lost to the disease. John will continue to book speaking events on the topic based on his book, Nurturing Love through the Silence, Living with Alzheimer’s. Booking are based on need and availability.

John DiCicco

From 2007-2014, John A DiCicco was the Campus College Chair of The School of Business Management Programs at the University of Phoenix Boston Campus locations. His work centers on building a strong business based program in higher learning. His courses on leadership are among the most popular on the Massachusetts Campus. Recently, he co-authored two books on leadership entitled: “Leadership Is a Choice,” published by Tate Publications that was released in early 2010. The Second book, “The Leadership Gene” was released in February. 2014. DiCicco has also written a book on Alzheimer’s entitled, “Nurturing Love through the Silence Living with Alzheimer’s and currently has contracts for s fourth and fifth publication to be released in 2015.

DiCicco was founder and past President of Organizational Analysis Systems, a management consulting group located in Brockton, MA. OAS specialized in consulting and training upper and middle level managers to be more responsible leaders in their respective fields. Although OAS consulted and trained in many industries that are both privately and publicly owned, many of it clients were representative of healthcare or healthcare related organizations. He is a member in the Department of Management at Curry College, Milton, M.A. Presently, holding the rank of Senior Lecturer Plus. John is qualified to teach Economics, Employment and Labor Law, Collective Bargaining, Business Ethics, Organizational Systems and Processes, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Personal Finance, International Business and Senior Seminar.

John holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration and Professional Development at Capella University in Minneapolis, Minneapolis. He is the past chair of the Old Colony YMCA Youth Division Board of Governors and remains an active member. He also is a member of The American Association of University Professors. He is married to his wife of 35 years, Gale DiCicco and has a son Eric who is now attending Massasoit Community College, Brockton, MA. DiCicco is active in church ministry and has written faith driven books and hymns for children’s choirs in his local church community.